Since its organization in 1981, the Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts (formerly the Arts Council) has grown from a grassroots effort into a thriving center for the arts.

In 1983, the Board of Directors renovated the Council’s first home – the 2,000 sq ft Williams House in Lawrenceville.

In 1989, the Board and staff once again renovated a facility, this time the historic Lawrenceville Post Office, which provided a ‘spacious’ 7,000 sq ft building and served the Council until 1993, when the Council moved to the new Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts at the Gwinnett Center.

The original 14,000 sq ft Hudgens Center for the Arts featured 4,000 sq ft of gallery space, a large education department, and an additional 28,000 sq ft comprising the Al Weeks Sculpture Garden, which graces the eastern side of the building.

Enormous commitment and energy was expended in raising private funds to build the Center and to create the accompanying endowment.

In 2000, an additional 20,000 sq ft of galleries, classrooms and performance space was added to the Center, bringing it up to the current size and configuration.