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June 7 – September 24, 2016



Susan Hable

Born and raised in Corsicana, Texas, Susan Hable Smith resides in Athens, Georgia and is the artist and designer behind the boldly colored and hand drawn patterns of Hable Construction Design Studio.  susanSusan has a fine art education with experience in collage, sculpture, welding, drawing, printmaking, and painting. Most recognized by her sensibility with color and form, she’s honed an aesthetic that’s timeless. Inspired by travels to Italy, Asia, and South America as well as her garden and community, Susan’s work has a global appeal with an intimate presence.



Rita Mae Pettway

“They been calling me “Rabbit” ever since I was a little girl. They say that when I started walking I started running, so I got that nickname. When I was coming up, I had three aunties, and we all lived ritathere in one room together. Ella, Nellie Mae, and Mary Lisa. They were Ed O. and Annie E. Pettway children, and I was raised up with them like they was my sisters. I was four years old when my mama passed. The only thing they told me was she got killed. Her name was Louisiana. I was raised up by my mama’s parents. My uncle Willie Quill lived with us, too, like a brother. We was all born right next to here in one of those old plank houses with the windows you just push it out like a door. My granddaddy built another house for us right here some time in the ’40s, and I’m still living in that house.” –text courtesy of Souls Grown Deep Foundation


Rebecca Wood

In an old produce warehouse located in Athens, Georgia, Rebecca Wood started r.wood studio. Since 1991, it has grown into one of the largest pottery studios in America, where each piece is still entirely rebeccamade and painted by hand. Renowned for their luscious colors, simple shapes, and inspired by their southern surroundings, they also produce one-of-a kind pieces that are sought after by collectors. The artists at r.wood studio take great pleasure in making dishes they know will bring beauty and enjoyment to their customers for many years to come.





Natalie Chanin

Alabama Chanin is a lifestyle company producing well-designed and thoughtfully-made goods for the person and the home in our community in Florence, Alabama. We use 100% organic cotton jersey fabric in our designs, sourced sustainably from seed to fabric—along with repurposed and reclaimed materials.natalie

The company that has become what Alabama Chanin is today began early in 2000 with the creation of hand-sewn garments made from cotton jersey fabric by Natalie Chanin. Alabama Chanin retains the same intention and integrity today. Heirloom pieces are made from 100% organic cotton, sewn by hand through a group of talented artisans who each run their own business, in their own time, and in their own way. The company maintains sustainable practices—across its disciplines—and creates sustainable products, holding ourselves to the highest standards for quality. We are makers and educators, working to elevate and merge design, craft, and fashion.


Creative Enterprises


“We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Lawrenceville, GA dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities and others with barriers to employment in maximizing their potential. We offer a variety of programs and services to help these individuals obtain an optimal level of social, vocational, and economic independence!” -Courtesy of Creative Enterprises webpage

At the Hudgens Center for the Arts, you will see on display a wide array of works created by adults with disabilities in the Creative Enterprises program. Their works allude a theme of positivity and project optimism despite any challenges they may face. Any purchase of their works through the Hudgens with directly support the artists of the purchased works.