Volunteer of the Month – October 2017: Ginny Fields-Hall

When Ginny walked into the Hudgens’ Gift Shop for her interview to volunteer, she was so excited to have found the Hudgens.  “I am new to this level of art, but through my little eyes, I see the opportunities for children and adults to pursue their passion for the arts with the events and classes that are available,” she said with much enthusiasm.  “I have consumed so much education already by listening to the artists tell how they made their artwork  and how they express their feelings with the story of their artwork,” Ginny stated after volunteering the reception of the Hudgens Prize.

Ginny has lived in Gwinnett County for 16 years.  She is a mother of one daughter and two grandchildren.  “I became interested in art recently after seeing the index cards my daughter had drawn on that she had placed in her children’s snack bags every day.”  She was intrigued that her daughter used art to send daily messages to her children.  “I wished I had thought of that when my daughter was younger.”  Her three favorite artists are her daughter, Tammy, her grandson, Ryder and her granddaughter, Sydney.

Besides spending time with her grandchildren, Ginny enjoys yoga, meditation, cooking and gardening.  “I begin and end each day in God’s word and in prayer; I feels so grateful for each and every day,” Ginny shared with us.  Her uplifting and optimistic personality is contagious with all the volunteers.

“I love the people I volunteer with at the Hudgens. It is a pleasure to spend time with all my new friends at the Hudgens,” she expressed.  Volunteering for the Hudgens Prize reception was a great experience for her, “I enjoyed the reception so much and talking to Lauri Stallings was amazing.” Ginny didn’t just volunteer at the reception but she was filled with the experience of art and went home floating high.

We are so happy that Ginny found us on Google and checked us out.  She is a great addition to our volunteer program; thank you Ginny for your time.

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