March 14, 2017

We Have a “Brand New” Brand!

The Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts is proud to announce its new name and logo! After extensive research within the organization as well as the community, the board unanimously voted to rename our 36-year-old institution. Now known as the Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for Art & Learning, this new name reflects a renewed commitment to art lovers, leaders, and learners in Gwinnett County, the Atlanta Region and the Southeastern United States more broadly.

The re-branding, design and digital overhaul—including a new website, new logo, and new digital identity—is part of an ongoing pro-bono relationship with a Gwinnett County marketing agency, Mighty 8th Media, and we thank their entire team for their tireless effort in this process. Please read the full press release for more information.

To celebrate this exciting moment, we are opening The Hudgens to the public for an afternoon of fun, music and lots of art! Join us on April 1st from 11am – 3pm for the inaugural “I Heart Art” celebration, a free and family-friendly event featuring local food trucks, community art activities and tours of our galleries and studios. Additionally, all visitors will receive 50% off the price of all Hudgens Center memberships purchased onsite.


Become a Volunteer

Adults and children, educators and artists have all donated their time to helping the Hudgens Center thrive. Are you interested in making a difference? Sign up for opportunities to help with field trips, special events, reception and administrative support, gardening, and more.